Five Steps for Making Smarter HR Tech Decisions


If you read only a single article this year about how to lead an HR function, make this the one, it’ll make you smarter.


It’s an open secret amongst sales people that making someone feel smart is a great way to propel a deal forward, while showing someone how to be smart is often a deal-killer. Why? Because feeling smart feels good to everyone, while being smart threatens to expose anyone in the room who’s been pretending. It’s pain avoidance and pleasure seeking, plain and simple. 


And we can use this insight to help us make HR smarter. Here’s how:


Don’t bother (Step 1)


If you’re already in a decision-making position, then clearly, something’s already working for you. Change, meanwhile is uncomfortable, stressful, and risky… and for what? How much smarts does it really take to run a business, after all? Don’t rock the boat.


Push for speed (Step 2)


Haste makes waste! And yet people in business never argue with leadership’s desire for “increased velocity.” Hmm. Even though it is 100% synonymous with “make haste” and, ergo, leads to waste, we can’t get enough of it. Well, the smart move here

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