Finding Hope in a Challenging Year: A Conversation With Trevor Noah

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Born and raised in apartheid-era South Africa, award-winning comedian Trevor Noah brings his unique perspective on race, politics, and current events to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. During our global digital event, Conversations for a Changing World, Noah sat down with award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien to discuss how his show adapted to pandemic-era production, his philanthropic efforts, and what he hopes humanity will remember from this year. Here are some takeaways from their conversation.

Technology Keeps Us Together

Organizations the world over had to learn how to move to a remote workforce as the pandemic took hold. For many, the transition was even more challenging because it had to happen so fast. For Noah, moving the production of The Daily Show to a remote environment was something he thought about early on in the pandemic.

As COVID-19 caused devastation in China and then spread across Italy and Spain, Noah said he turned to his team and asked, “We should prepare ourselves for the idea that maybe we’ll have to make a show, firstly, without an audience; and secondly, how would we make a show if we weren’t here?”

Growing from a small bubble working together to a fully remote

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