Feature Highlight: Using Offer Letters in Hireology

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Launched last month, we launched integrated offer letters, allowing our customers send and manage the offer letter acceptance process within their hiring platform. With support for e-signatures and personalization tokens, our customers have already extended hundreds of offers to eager candidates to join teams across the country. 

In just a few short weeks of having the feature, Hireology customers are already making use of offer letters:

Implemented across 57 companies Hiring managers sent offers to 319 candidates 250 candidates accepted and are now new hires

The new offer letter process makes it simple for hiring managers to make the offer feel tailored to each individual candidate. Personalization tokens let hiring managers know that contact details and compensation are sent with 100% accuracy, while saving time from manually emailing details and negotiating over email. 

For candidates, the offer letter experience is equally simple. Offers arrive as email messages from the hiring manager, with a secure, unique link that takes the candidate to the offer screen where they can review their offer details, choose to accept or decline the offer, and provide an optional e-signature by simply typing their name. And since a majority of today’s job seekers use

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