Facebook Recruiting Cheatsheet Just Published

This Ebook Will Cover: -Company page setup. -Content strategies. -Leveraging groups. -The Facebook Job board. -Sourcing tips and tricks. -Advertising basics. INTRODUCTION. If you haven’t ventured into recruiting on Facebook yet, you are surely missing out on a free/low cost way to attract talent from entry to mid-level positions. With over 2 billion monthly active users it has the biggest talent pool anywhere online. You can reach almost anyone in any industry! Facebook allows you to connect with active job seekers and passive ones. It’s new job board is completely free but you can also advertise and post content to build your employer brand to attract those that haven’t heard about you. Generally speaking I have found that it is best used for entry level roles such as retail, healthcare, sales, customer service, work at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t source a Data Scientist or a Nurse from its many users. Length: 19 pages, 3300 Words

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