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Employee Satisfaction for Millennials: Part 2

This is the second part of a two-week series on motivating millennials in the workplace. For more information on millennials, please see the first part of the series.

Now that millennials are entering the workplace, companies need to find fresh strategies to increase employee satisfaction for this generation. Here a few tips on engaging millennials in the workplace:

Millennials Need Progress

Many millennials are the children of the baby-boomer generation, and like their parents they are focused on achievement. Although a characteristic of the millennial generation is their focus on equality, millennials were nevertheless raised in an environment with a strong competitive undercurrent. Everything from getting into preschool to applying to college is competitive for millennials, and they need to differentiate themselves from their peers in order to feel as though they have succeeded.

What to promote:

Millennials appreciate titles, and will benefit from a workplace system that visibly recognizes accomplishments. Anything that looks good on a résumé can be used as a motivation incentive for the millennial generation, as it will help them differentiate themselves from their peers.

Flexibility is a Top Priority

Millennials were raised in an uncertain economic environment, in which the script for success was rapidly changing. While older generations found stability in committing to a career, and often to a company, for life, this is a terrifying prospect for most millennials. For millennials, security comes from having a flexible work schedule and a wide variety of skills that render them more adaptable than previous generations.

What to promote:

Many millennials will appreciate the opportunity to work from home, as this may be a more efficient way for them to get their work done. Millennials will also be more devoted to a company that provides opportunities for personal and professional advancement, such as incentives for taking classes and attending conferences. Millennials will feel most comfortable and engaged in a company that provides autonomy and opportunities for advancement, and will likely take advantage of these opportunities, resulting in a more skilled and flexible workforce.

Although motivating millennials may be different than motivating earlier generations, an engaged millennial workforce is an invaluable asset to any company.

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