Employee Satisfaction for Millennials: Part 1

Now that millennials are entering the workforce, you may be noticing that you need to adapt your employee motivation strategies for this new generation.

Millennials are a different kind of employee, and employee motivation tactics that worked for previous generations may not be as effective for millennials. Here is the first article in a two-part series on millennials in the workplace, with a few tips to keep in mind when focusing on employee satisfaction in the workplace:

Millennials Focus on Authenticity

Millennials need a sense of authenticity in order to engage with a company. Millennials are focused on social justice and global issues, and many will hesitate to commit to a company if they don’t sense that the company is making a positive impact in the world.

What to promote:

In order to promote authenticity and engage millennials, articulate a clear company vision that emphasizes our company’s positive impact. In addition, provide opportunities for millennials to engage in community service or volunteer work, as a way to give back and engage with the community.

Millennials Want Feedback…

…and they want it to be positive. Millennials grew up in a rapid, technologically-infused world. This generation is used to real-time feedback, and is more product- than process- oriented. With the presence of social media and a cultural etiquette in which a half-hour space between reaching out and receiving a reply is considered rude, millennials expect regular feedback.

What to promote:

You may have noticed that millennials have a hard time with criticism. Give frequent feedback, and focus on the positive. Millennials tend to take criticism personally, so make sure to be honest but tactful when suggesting improvements. And keep in mind that although millennials need frequent feedback, it doesn’t need to be lengthy every time.

Acknowledge a job well done, an exceptional project, a well-handled situation, and set a schedule for when you are able to provide more in-depth feedback so you don’t become overwhelmed.

The second part in this series will be posted next week, with more tips on engaging millennials in the workplace.

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