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Employee Retention and Satisfaction Aided By Mentorship Programs

Ensuring new hires understand and embrace the company culture is one way to improve both employee satisfaction and employee retention among new employees.

A strong understanding of company culture builds a sense ownership in employees, and they tend to stick around longer. They are also better employees, because they have bought into the mission and message of the business. They believe in the company, so they show increased productivity and better problem solving skills.

A great way to do this is to instate a mentorship program for at least the first 90 days of employment. A mentor can help the new employee understand the way the company works from both an organizational standpoint and from the viewpoint of someone who understands the strategic decision making process of company leadership.

This mentorship program can look many different ways, and should be structured in a way that doesn’t add stress to the mentor or the new hire. It can be as simple as meeting for ten minutes to go over their day at closing time or and scheduling lunch once a week.

It doesn’t have to only be management who serve as mentors for new employees. In fact, there may be drawbacks to using direct supervisors for these roles. Pairing a new hire with his or her direct supervisor could inhibit open communication. Instead, pair new hires with someone who embraces the company culture, such as a long-term employee. This person could be in a leadership role, but it is not necessary.

These mentors will show them the ropes when it comes to the way the company really works, outside of what is printed in your employee handbook. They can also help the new hire to network within the organization, and the community. This is important because the relationships built within the organization keep employees around as much as the employee’s dedication to the brand.

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