Do your job titles suck?

eQuest, the Internet’s largest job posting distributor that gathers job board performance records by the billions, recently released a study of more than one million job postings advertised globally over the past 12 months to determine which part of the job posting attracts candidates more than others. eQuest performed research on the response trends of candidate data, including the jobs to which they did or did not respond. Job titles, with “location” a close second, are now paramount to the success of recruitment marketing strategies, seeker engagement, and return on investment more than anything else. The study found that misaligned and incorrect job titles from HR can have a significant negative impact on job posting performance and, ultimately, the overall business of recruitment. Factors contributing to job titles that resulted in a lower response rates include: Too confusingĀ — Whether vague (e.g. “Support Specialist”) or complex (e.g. “Multichannel Transmission System

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