Critique of some Linkedin job posts

I’ve been seeing a lot of “visual job ads” being shared on Linkedin
lately. Thats partly why I started this service in the first place. Below
are 3 that I picked out from my stream so I could critique them for what
they are lacking or doing well. By deconstructing them, I hope you can
learn to make yours better.

Visual Job Ad #1 – I Hire Veterans

Targeting veterans specifically is a terriffic tactic. This ad was a great
idea but could have been even better with a few small additions. It
contains no contact info. When posting a visual job ad online it should
ALWAYS contain at least a phone/email/url so people can easily see how to
contact you about the job. Remember when you post on Linkedin that becomes
an ‘advertisement’ thats shown to your connections. Make sure you maximize
that opportunity to drive traffic to your career site or job listing.

Visual Job Ad #2 – Landry’s Restaurants

I like the logo and the image of the home office. But the main problem with
this one is it has too much information. At first glance its not
immediately obvious that it is directed towards job seekers. She didn’t
include any of her own text in the status update. Looks like a paper job ad
but doesn’t translate well when shared online. 

Visual Job Ad #3 – Mitchells Fish Market

Now here’s one that Renee got better at. This one has just the right amount
of text in my opinion. It leads with the logo and clearly states “career”
in the headline. You can easily read it without having to click on it to
enlarge and thats important since brevity on the web/phone is always better
for retention purposes. I do have one complaint which is that this ad is
for a hiring event and that info could have been highlighted better for
people in the Detroit area.

For an easy way to make a visual job ad that you can share on Twitter,
Linkedin, etc check out my InstaJob app for recruiters. Or consider hiring
me to make them for you. Contact me.

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