Can We Please Bring Back the Experts Now?

“It’s not only been an awful decade for experts, it’s also been an awful decade for the people who need them” – Jason Seiden

The last decade has been awful for experts.

If you can remember that far back, the crash of 2008 unleashed a wave of unemployed into the workplace who quickly learned to position themselves as consultants as opposed to laid-off. The avalanche of marketing noise was deafening.

Next came the ridiculous rise of hyperbole, which further obfuscated real expertise beneath titles like guru, rock star, and ninja, or under claims to expertise such as 30-Day Challenge Participant, Citizen Reviewer, or Blogger, which may or may have represented actual subject matter expertise.

Then came social media at full force, with its voracious appetite for content: if you weren’t writing about and talking about and being interviewed about your area of expertise on the daily, forget it, not only didn’t your expertise count, you didn’t count.

And with social media came the trend of pushing choice to people—about everything, all the time. Where once there was an expert, now there was a facilitator. Because hey, who knows how to do you better than you, am I right?


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