Launches Job Platform for Pretty Candidates – Gag Me!

While we’re appalled by the “pretty people” focus of this new New York City-based global job platform,’s recruitment service , launched recently, might garner some interest from employers. 

We wonder, however, if the U.S. Dept. of Labor might also take note of who is trying to hire based on looks, and the visibility of such profile tidbits as age and sexual orientation. It just might get these hiring managers some attention they’d prefer not to have.

The press release is somewhat nauseating:

Dominic Pietrangelo , CEO of Urban Homes Group, a Los Angeles-based real estate agency, is one of the first to sign up to the service, according to the release.

“Securing prospective realtors (sic) through BeautifulPeople makes sense,” Pietrangelo said. “It’s no secret that attractive agents have an advantage and more often than not are better received by clients – in a highly competitive market every advantage counts.”

For Pietrangelo’s sake we’re hoping old, fat, not-so-pretty Urban Homes agents aren’t reading this. But then, perhaps there ARE no old, fat, not-so-pretty Urban Homes agents.

Here’s a rather ludicrous comment, from working mom Olivia Kinnard, about her nanny search on  ”The truth is, my toddler, Kit, responds better to good-looking people. And I’m sure I’m not the first parent to think they need a slim and fit nanny to be able to keep up with a busy child – it’s just that many wouldn’t dare to come out and say it!”

We’ve got news for you, Olivia – homely people can be slim and fit too.

In order to apply you must be registered, and accepted by, Which means that you’ve indicated your age, height, weight, and sexual orientation, which seems to mean these bits of info are shared not only with the site but with anyone else who joins as well. (HOWEVER, there seems to be no verification process for any of this profile information.) But, whether you get to be a member is voted on, by other members. (See graphic below.) So far, it’s not looking like Sharon  (who did NOT lie about her boomer status,) is going to make the cut.

Employers submit an ad online, including an agreement with the statement that their use of the site is not illegal in their country, and they know that part of the process includes weeding out non-beautiful people. The ad doesn’t go live until they’re contacted by a representative – presumably to collect the fee, though we don’t know that for sure. So far, the only advertisers are the two noted in the press release.

That’s all we know so far. We’re probably going to have to find a younger, prettier member of our team to get the inside scoop about the application process. It just doesn’t look like this ol’ broad is going to be doing any applying from this site anytime soon.


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