Avature Upfront Digital EU 2020 : Key Lessons & Takeaways

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It’s not easy to recap the five-day binge of HR insights that was the Avature Upfront Digital EU 2020. But, as we did with the Virtual Summit in China in August and the Digital Summit in Australia in October, let’s give it our best shot.

The event, which boasted over 250 attendees, presented an impressive lineup led by some of the biggest names in the region such as European Central Bank and Deutsche Bahn. There was also the Avature Roadmap, a guided tour of Avature’s latest features and updates; the Avature Technical Track and the Avature Specialist Certificacion Sessions for those interested in deep diving even further into the platform and its core system; and there was even the opportunity to watch Dimitri Boylan, Avature founder and CEO, chat about talent trends in today’s market with HR insider William Tincup.

We’ve decided to highlight some of the biggest overarching themes we gathered from the virtual hallways and give you a small taste of what you missed. Let’s dig in.

Agility might just save the day

Let’s be honest: 2020 caught everybody off guard. And try as we may, predicting what may come in the future seems quite futile. We can,

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