Are You Getting the Most Value for Your CPA?

There are six levers that influence cost per applicant (CPA) and, in turn, impact recruiting effectiveness.

No matter the economic environment or employment marketplace, you have more control over these levers than you may realize.

Here are the six levers, why they matter, and where you should focus.

1. Apply Process. The first lever is apply process. Your goal is to get as many qualified candidates through the process and reduce the number of unqualified candidates. To know how successful you are at meeting this goal, you have to measure, and for this, you guessed it, you need data.

Where should you focus? On ATS/CRM capabilities and your company’s capabilities.

There are numerous questions to ask, and answer, about these capabilities, from the basics, such as, is your application process optimized for mobile, to how long it takes to complete your job application in comparison to industry benchmarks.

Questions to ask, and answer, about your apply process can be found in the Appcast whitepaper, How to Improve Recruiting Effectiveness.

2. Job Postings. “Consider your audience” sounds like obvious advice, but job postings aren’t always crafted with job seekers in mind—which means you may not be attracting the candidates

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