Are You Attracting Candidates and Then Losing Them?

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Appcast is a huge proponent of creating job ads that attract candidates. An earlier blog post explains what it takes to create such ads.

But attracting candidates is only one step in the recruitment advertising process. If you attract candidates only to lose them during the application process, your brilliant job ad is all for naught.

This isn’t about your apply rate. You can have a decent apply rate and still be losing candidates—especially if you have an arduous or questionable apply process that causes candidates to start but not complete a job application.

How common is this? If tweets tell the tale, it’s more common than you may realize.

A recent search on “job application” at Twitter returned numerous examples. Here are some highlights.

It’s about time

“I’m 19 minutes into a job application requiring that I enter when I graduated high school. Month and year. Oh and required resume but enter everything again in app portion.”

“You ever quit a job application halfway through because [expletive] they started asking for too much? Or is it just me [three crying emojis]”

“I’ve just spent 2 hours completing an online job application and an assessment test! [facepalm emoji]”

It’s about

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