Agility Is the Currency of Success

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When the pandemic struck global economies early this year, CFOs found themselves rapidly reshuffling their business priorities. Not surprisingly, revenue projection, cost containment, workforce planning, and cash and liquidity management all suddenly emerged as primary concerns for more than half of 225 finance leaders surveyed between March and May 2020.

To keep pace with this changing world, CFOs sought agility. And in today’s enterprise, agility takes root in the planning processes that drive the business—processes that are orchestrated by finance.

Planning has become mission critical because business environments are increasingly volatile, so decision-makers need all the help they can get. The disruption they’re facing today is powerful, and they need powerful tools to navigate it.

Planning Innovation for a Changing World

Here at Workday, we always understood the importance of planning. Digital transformation in finance, which 54% of CFOs surveyed said they’ve already begun to implement, requires advances like automation to cut the time their teams spend on previously manual tasks like data collection and consolidation, machine learning to improve the accuracy of forecasts over time, and timely insights so managers throughout the enterprise can confidently plan how their actions will impact the business. We’ve built all of these capabilities into Workday Adaptive Planning, and together

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