7 Ways to Promote a Single Job Posting

Many times job boards get a one-off paid job posting from an employer but want to get it more exposure to ensure the company gets what it paid for.

There are a number of ways to increase the visibility of a job using social media channels. These tips will bring more views to your job and help ensure that it gets some applies.

Promotional Tactics Facebook groups: join the many local job search groups that exist on Facebook. Once you become a member (you have to be admitted) you can repost your jobs into that group to get some free clicks. This search for “houston jobs” for example reveals several groups, one with over 30,000 members. Finding and joining as many of these groups a possible should be a mainstay of your marketing efforts.Linkedin groups: though not as useful as their Facebook counterparts, local job groups for different cities and stats also exist on Linkedin. Repost the job here as well.Facebook Job Board: Using your facebook page your job board can post jobs into the Facebook job board. Though you can’t redirect the apply you can still collect applicants, get their contact into and then message them to apply

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