7 Industries That Will Rely Heavily on AI in 2020

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence is fast becoming a top concern for businesses. While initially the realm of tech companies, in 2020, AI adoption is spreading quickly to other industries.

Four in 10 executives believe their companies already possess high-level capabilities to manage and maintain AI solutions. A quarter of the Fortune 500 are using AI to build intelligent process automation (IPA) capabilities to manage both the mundane tasks and tactical IPA projects, says Srividya Sridharan, VP and research director at Forrester.

These seven industries currently are investing in artificial intelligence to improve processes and create new efficiencies.

1. Transport

Perhaps the most exciting AI application in transport is the development of autonomous vehicles, but there are lesser-known problems that AI is providing solutions for, such as predictive traffic modeling.

Unpredictable traffic and the inevitability of human error has long made predictive modeling in transport a seemingly unattainable goal. However, in 2020, AI is changing this. AI can use available transport data, gathered from sensors and cameras on roads, to formulate models that inform traffic management to reduce accidents and ease traffic flows.

This has numerous applications. For one, this data also could help commuters plot shorter routes and avoid

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