5 Key Things to Highlight in your Recruiting Strategy

Robert Half has some new salary guides coming out. As part of that survey they know a lot about what employers should be emphasizing more in their recruitment messaging. “We’re seeing job seekers take an increasingly holistic view when assessing whether to accept a job offer,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “Salary is still king, but professionals are paying more attention to other factors that can affect their quality of life. “Highly skilled professionals want assurance that the company will invest in their careers and help them keep their skills current,” McDonald added. “This is especially true in industries that are changing rapidly, like technology and finance.” Following are five key elements employers should highlight when recruiting, according to Robert Half: Compensation — Salary is vital, but be sure to also spotlight the benefits your firm offers when creating compensation packages. The Salary Guides from Robert Half contain new data on the

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