Month: October 2018 adds 50,000 new listings in Q3, one of the leading job sites in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) reported that nearly 50,000 new jobs were listed on the site between July and September 2018. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post adds 50,000 new listings in Q3 appeared first on AIM Group.

VoiceSense Launches Speech-Based Predictive Analytics Solution for HR

Herzliya, Israel (October 31, 2018) – VoiceSense, an innovative provider of speech-based predictive analytics solutions, today announced that the company has launched a new speech-based predictive analytics solution for human resources. According to a survey conducted by Career Builder, a global human capital solutions company, 74% of employers admitted that they hired the wrong person to fill a position. This survey also found that…

Early Career Job Market Handshake Raises $40 Million

The college recruiting wars just got more interesting. San Francisco based Handshake, an “early career” job market for students and young alumni has just announced a $40 million dollar round of funding. The Series C funding round was led by the EQT Ventures fund, a European multi-stage VC fund. This funding round also includes participation from social impact investors including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Omidyar Network and Reach Capital,…

5 Possible Transformations of Job Boards

Do you also believe that job boards are dying? They are not. In fact, they are undergoing a transformation and coming out with new concepts in the market. However, a resume parser will keep on serving the job boards for providing positive experience to both candidates and recruiters.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Smartphone Addiction Is Taking Over Your Workplace

Your workers are in denial about their smartphone addiction. OK, it’s not just YOUR workers who are in denial about this, but everyone’s workers, everywhere. This is what I take from a recent survey from KDM Engineering titled Smartphone Etiquette that hit my email last week, and as I read the findings, all I kept thinking was, “Yep, this doesn’t surprise me at all.”…

More Internal Career Paths Mean 33% Less Turnover says Gartner

Increased competition in the external labor market is making it harder for organizations to attract new candidates and retain their best talent, according to Gartner, Inc. This is compounded by today’s historically low unemployment rates, which have put pressure on traditional talent management strategies, and mean that it is taking longer and costing more to hire critical talent. To combat this challenge, Gartner experts…

9 Questions to Discover If Your Culture Will Scale

Expansion is a team effort. Whether you’re entering global markets, diversifying your operations, extending into new categories or trying to reach new customers with new products and services, you’re bound to need new people on board; sometimes, entirely new offices. Cultivate the right culture and you’ll find it creates significant competitive advantage: Improved talent attraction and retention, outstanding customer service and happier, more productive people.

‘Complementary HR’: HR Learns from the NFL About Complementary Outcomes

If you haven’t heard the term “complementary football,” it’s a performance improvement approach that corporations and HR shouldn’t ignore. This approach increases your chances of winning by ensuring that the outcomes of one sub-team complement and support the work of the next sub-team. Rather than a siloed approach, sub- teams work together in unison.