Month: July 2018 strengthens market position: report, which became a leader of the Dutch online jobs market last year, has since strengthened its position, along with and Google. Other prominent job sites including Monsterboard, LinkedIn, Facebook and NVB have lost market share, Dutch market research company Intelligence Group has concluded, based on its study of the job search preferences of the Dutch in Q2 of 2018. This article is…

Professional vacancies drive surge in UK job ads

Labor market analytics firm Innovantage has released a report that shows a 22 percent increase in original job ads in Britain, versus June 2017. This was driven by a increases in online advertising across almost all industry sectors. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post Professional vacancies drive surge in UK job…

Report: Social Media Ads Are a Top Choice for Candidates

Technology can provide a better experience for today’s jobseekers, provided it is tailored to candidates and combined with an in-person approach, according to new research from ManpowerGroup Solutions. Part of that research mentions social media advertising as a key tactic in talent attraction. Social ads are a highly underutilized strategy among many employers. Not all new HR technologies are created equal. Social media ads…

Voice messaging comes to LinkedIn

It’s been available on Apple IMessage since the release of IOS 8 in 2014 — and Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have had the functionality for what feels like aeons already — but LinkedIn will in the coming weeks finally roll out voice messaging to its mobile app and desktop site. The post Voice messaging comes to LinkedIn appeared first on AIM Group. launches app for candidates

In Finland, Alma Career’s launched a free app for candidates, which enables them to both search and apply for a job, according to a report on the Finish news site This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post launches app for candidates appeared first on AIM Group.

Their Loss Is Your Gain- How to Utilize Downsizing in Staffing to Your Advantage

These days seeing headlines announcing massive layoffs at companies are not uncommon. News stories like these often set off alarms or panic for many as they can signal changes in the economy that are perceived as dismal.  As a sourcing professional, this should be a golden opportunity to find ideal candidates with the relevant experience and skills you’re looking for. The question is, once…

On Becoming A Scientific HR Function – Learning From Amazon And Google

Did you know that “becoming scientific” is a strategic goal that is shared by the HR functions of two of the top three most valuable firms in the world? Yes, Amazon’s goal is to “Become the most scientific HR organization in the world,” and Google’s goal is to become as scientific as their engineering functions by bringing “The same level of rigor to people-decisions…

Michigan Recruiter’s Conference – November 1st – Detroit, MI! Registration is Now Open!

The 4th Annual Michigan Recruiter’s Conference will take place on November 1st, 2018 onsite at the GM Headquarters RenCen in downtown Detroit, MI. Registration is now open for this event. There is limited seating because of space constraints. Only 250 registrations will be accepted! This event will SELL OUT, don’t wait! Okay – all that nonsense is out of the way! Why should you…

Office Bullying is Driving Your Talent Away, Right Under Your Nose

While harassment and more egregious workplace behaviors finally received the attention they deserve thanks to the #MeToo movement last year, another crucial issue plaguing the office continues to go unnoticed. Bullying in the workplace is turning out to be a bigger concern than many would think. Without clear legal or office policies, oftentimes workers aren’t even sure what constitutes bullying, or if they should… launches salary comparison tool

In Romania, the recruitment vertical launched, a local version of Alma Media’s salary comparison tool. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post launches salary comparison tool appeared first on AIM Group.

Build a More Engaged Workforce These 4 Ways

Companies are becoming increasingly concerned with the internal culture of their company these days – and for good reason. Gallup has famously studied and reported on the American workplace reporting that the level of engagement among employees has a huge impact on the business itself. Companies with highly engaged workers have 147% higher earnings and had higher profitability and productivity ratings than businesses without.

Battle of the Technology – DeepSense vs CrystalKnows

In the world of recruiting, the ability to gain insight into a candidate to personalize your email has become enormous. It can be the difference between a 20% reply rate and a 90% reply rate when contacting candidates. In recent years, tools have started to focus on that specific problem. I am going to focus on two of them that seem to be making…

Dice Exiting Europe

Director of corporate communications at DHI, Rachel Ceccarelli, has confirmed the company’s tech job board, Dice, will be exiting Europe this summer. Dice sites in the UK and Germany will officially be closing on August 31, 2018. No other European countries or regions are serviced.

Futureproof Your Organization by Hiring From Within

The war for talent is heating up this summer with the recent news that there are more job openings than unemployed job seekers. In many ways, it’s a job seeker’s market. This is not only putting more pressure on employers to engage, develop and retain their top talent, but also to link their development to fill those critical, vacant roles.

7 Talent Assessment Myths and Why They’re Wrong

Talent assessment is all about managing people, that is, evaluating and screening candidates, hiring the right person for the right job, and managing and developing work teams. Though companies have been using talent assessment tools for many years, some are still hesitant about their use.