Month: May 2018

Do You Work in a HR Center of Excellence?

Is your HR department the best in the biz? If you answered “yes” you’re probably stretching it – but we know a few HR experts who can actually help you get there! The FOT team is made up of industry pros from multiple top-notch HR shops (with the awards to prove it), and now they want to tell YOU how to be awesome at…

Starbucks Afternoon Training Session: It’s More About Damage Control Than Anything Else

Here’s the bottom line on this week’s anti-racial bias training at Starbucks, and it was captured perfectly in the headline on The New York Times story about the big event. It said: Starbucks’s Tall Order: Tackle Systemic Racism in 4 Hours Yup, the NYT is right; it’s unlikely that Starbucks, or any other company, is going to make much of a dent in their employees’…

11 Gig Economy Job Sites

The gig economy has a growing number of job sites that support finding and posting freelance jobs or projects. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are among the most popular. But there are several others you probably haven’t heard of. So we put together a list of 11 different gig economy job sites for your toolbox. Guru Fiverr iFreelance People per Hour UpWork Linkedin… tackles safety concerns with bespoke insurance policies

Chinese classifieds leader (NYSE: WUBA) continues to work at battling negative perceptions of online recruitment in China, particularly among recent university graduates. The company has reportedly linked up with two of the country’s largest insurance providers in an effort to better protect jobseekers on its platforms. The Beijing-based company has struck an agreement with heavyweight conglomerate Ping An Insurance and online-only insurance technology company, ZhongAn Online…

Sourcers and Recruiters Need to Own It!

One of my personality quirks is oversharing. The acronym TMI was invented with me in mind. Sharing, oversharing, transparency and honesty are integral to life and the business of staffing. I’d like to start the discussion by telling you one of my not so quiet secrets.

Dice’s Parent Company Sells Off Another Job Board

Two years ago, DHI Group announced it was exploring strategic alternatives for the company, which is corporate-speak for for-sale. A year after, when it became clear there would be no buyer, the company got busy shedding its job boards no longer deemed core to its mission. Since then, the company has been shedding businesses, as well as replacing its CEO.

My Wife Approves of this Blog Post! (And we have a rule I can’t write about her!)

Around Mother’s Day, the PR folks at sent me an infographic. (Editor’s Note: please do not take this as an invitation to send me your infographic! I get at least one per day. I know it’s your job to push these onto people in hopes they’ll publish and you’ll get SEO, but most of them are awful. Yes, you’re is awful!) This piece caught my…

Conversational Marketing is Influencing a New Brand of Recruiting

Every time there’s an innovation in the world of marketing, you can bet that not long after we’ll see the recruiting space follow. Over the last decade, it’s become clear with trends such as social recruiting, recruitment marketing and the recruiting funnel that marketing is a leading indicator for what’s to come in talent acquisition. So, that begs the question, what’s up next? Well,…

Instant Lead Generation: Indeed Buys

In yet another move by the brass at Indeed, they moved this week to acquire Their appetite for users and traffic is showing no signs of slowing down. Acquiring a resume site is a smart move, one that positions them for instant lead generation on the seeker side of things. As Indeed hunkers down in

RecruitDC 2018 Recap

Last week I hopped on a short flight and headed to the DC region to attend the annual RecruitDC event. It was their largest attendance ever as more than 400 packed the ballroom at the Falls Church Marriott. RecruitDC is a networking community that hosts events with the goal of fostering best practice and new idea discussions to elevate the recruiting profession in the greater…