Month: October 2017

New Study Warns About the Dangers of a Bad Candidate Experience

A new survey of professionals conducted by Korn Ferry shows how critical it is for organizations to place a strong emphasis on the candidate experience during the recruiting process. 3/4 of respondents say it is unlikely they would accept a job offer if they were treated poorly during the recruiting experience, even if they felt the role was a good fit. In addition, more than half…

HR Roundtable: What HR Can Do to Help People Thrive

As everyone gathered for the September HR (Cincinnati) Roundtable, you could sense optimism because the topic for this month was geared to having a more positive impact than normal. We were getting together to discuss how people can “thrive in their company culture.” To get started the attendees tackled the following questions:

Care. More.

My wife loves a super funny scene from the moving “Knocked Up”, here’s the scene: “Care more!” My wife and I laugh at this because this one scene defines most marriages with kids! I like “care more”. I want those I work with to care more. To care as much as I do. Care more about what we do. Care more about each other….

You Have a Pretty Career Website, But It Is Still Not a Brand

Career websites are a web developer’s work and a marketer’s dream. Examples of work and employees at a company can be used to capture stories for a website and market them as what it looks like to work at your company. The prettier the website, the more it looks like your company has a top brand. Nice websites make it easier to get on…

3 job description ideas

• Types of things to add to your JD’s – Aspirations: How can i grow into this role? Impact: how does the role fit into company mission • Audience member said: “I get more responses by sharing what the…