Month: August 2017

Oregon Is First State to Regulate How You Schedule Workers

Oregon has become the first state to adopt a “predictive scheduling” measure, requiring employers to give employees a set work schedule a week in advance or face penalties. Also known as a “fair workweek” law, Oregon’s governor signed the bill earlier this month. It takes effect July 1, 2018, with additional provisions taking effect through 2020.

Is Your Unlimited PTO For Real?

I’m part of the 2 percent. I work for the tiny fraction of U.S. companies that offer unlimited paid time off (PTO). That’s right, I get to watch The Price Is Right live as much as I want! Or something like that.

This is how your Culture truly forms

There’s nothing I really need to add to this. Hugh MacLeod, the brilliant artist at Gaping Void, has an awesome knack for saying so much with his work. I love their work. Turns out, design matters when building culture. So, brilliant. We love to believe that culture starts at the top with this great visionary leader, but our reality is most of us will…

A Prayer for Texas

As a native Houstonian, now living in Austin, I feel beyond helpless.  I offer up a prayer, mashed together from social media posts, texts and thoughts over the last few days from my family, friends, HR pros, colleagues, neighbors and fellow Texans. Now I lay me down to sleep. While the sound of rain used to comfort, it now is terrorizing Houstonians need the…

Career Site Quick Tips: Your Homepage

If you are not listing your careers or jobs link on your main website homepage as part of the main navigation then you are creating a barrier for job seekers. Follow the example of companies like GE. Their ‘careers’ link is easily seen on their top menu. The idea is to not make job seekers have to scroll or hunt for your jobs page….

5 Key Things to Highlight in your Recruiting Strategy

Robert Half has some new salary guides coming out. As part of that survey they know a lot about what employers should be emphasizing more in their recruitment messaging. “We’re seeing job seekers take an increasingly holistic view when assessing whether to accept a job offer,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “Salary is still king, but professionals are paying more attention…

Write Better Job Descriptions with this Easy to Use Format

The Q&A approach to writing job descriptions is an under used way to create a solid, conversational based job description that will resonate better with candidates. Struggling to write job descriptions? Try this approach from RecTech Media on Vimeo. The sample job description referred to in video can be found here.

Dream Gigantic

I love this concept. It feels hopeful and aspirational. I don’t do this enough. I don’t count myself as a dreamer, but I encourage my children to do this.  I want them to be the MLB Shortstop, the famous Fashion Designer, and world renowned Environmentalist.  They have Gigantic dreams. I will do everything I can in my power to help them reach those dreams. …

The Smartest Thing Zappos HR Ever Did Has Barely Caught On. Why?

Remember a few years back when Zappos, the darling of the HR world, announced it was offering new employees $1000 on their 90 day anniversary to leave the company? (BTW – that offer is now up to $4,000 to leave the company! Talk about doubling down on culture!) At the time that’s all HR people talked about – it was revolutionary to our industry….

Empathy, Self-Reflection: The ‘Soft-Skills’ of Today’s Leaders

“The world is dramatically reshaped and operates differently. We have gone from an industrial economy where we hired hands, to a knowledge economy where we hired heads, to a human economy where we hire hearts. When machines can out process, outperform and even outthink us, it is the things that machines can not do, the things that come from the heart, that are uniquely…