Month: July 2017

Temp working platform Jianzhile secures pre-A funding

Jianzhile (兼职乐, or “”) has announced that it recently secured pre-A funding worth “several tens of million” RMB (several million U.S. Dollars). The round was led by Flyfot Ventures (飞图创投), and joined by Longcapital (长石资本) and the headhunting website Liepin (猎聘). Jianzhile’s mission is the create “a bridge between university graduates, blue-collar workers and businesses”. It currently focuses on four major job categories – retail,…

Recognition Should Start at Onboarding, But Few Do It

The 2017 Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Conference was held in New Orleans this year, and it proved to be a popular location. We decided to take advantage of the high attendance and administer a survey to again test the temperature of recognition and engagement with the HR professionals who live it every day.

How to Hire Great Freelancers

Each project your company undertakes with freelancers (sometimes referred to as agile talent, 1099s, consultants, contractors, etc.) is a two-way street. As a manager, you need to be prepared to hire freelance talent and provide specific guidelines and metrics for the project at hand. On the other side, the talent that you bring on-board has to meet expectations and deliver the project on time.

Great Candidate Experience for $1

I like guacamole.  When I order my burrito I’ll gladly pay the $1 extra for guac. That extra dollar raises my burrito experience to another level.  I can eat the burrito without the guac and I’ll be just fine. I’ll enjoy it. It will taste good. But, I enjoy it that much more with guacamole. I enjoy that burrito as much or more than I…

Everything Wrong With the Millennial Job Posting Making Its Rounds on the Internet

Over the past few years, bashing millennials has overtaken baseball as America’s favorite pastime. Maybe it’s because millennials keep killing various industries, or maybe it’s because it’s very easy to pigeonhole one generation and blame all problems within the workplace on them. Whatever the reason, articles of why millennials are terrible have become so commonplace that they’re beginning to read like parodies of themselves….

Hiring Basics: What An ATS Can And Can’t Do For You

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) help organize large numbers of applications to keep recruiters’ workflow streamlined and less stressful. Large companies have been using this technology for years to keep track of their potential hires, and smaller businesses are beginning to use this technology as well. As such, it’s important to understand what an ATS can and can’t do for your recruiting operation. What exactly…