Month: June 2017

New Startup Guarantees You Interviews

Just saw this across the PR wires. We’re a bit dubious on the premise. It requires job seekers to pay which traditionally doesn’t work as a business model. TalentWorks today announced the launch of a unique jobs platform that promises to connect recent graduates with job interviews for just $10 per week. Founded by entrepreneurs and former Amazon engineering leaders Kushal Chakrabarti and Ajit…

Harver, an Assessment Tool Raises $8.1 Million, to Launch in U.S.

NEW YORK and AMSTERDAM, June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Harver (), the HR technology company that replaces the resume, today announced the company has raised $8.1 million USD in a Series A funding led by Insight Venture Partners to scale global adoption of its AI-powered pre-selection platform, TalentPitch. TalentPitch seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing HR processes and systems, and uses predictive analytics to make the recruitment process smarter, faster and more successful….

Tomorrow Is a Long Time – Staying Power

I am 42 years old. My first “grown up” job was at the tender age of 22. I have had 12 jobs since that first job. That’s means I average a job change every 1.83 years. Some, I left because I wanted too. Some, I was fired like an FBI director getting too close to the truth. Once, I was laid off because I…

Every First Internship Should be a Sales Internship!

So, it’s that time of year. Bring in the interns and show them what they’ll never do or see again in the real world when they get their first job! I’m only half joking. Most internships I hear about today (and I hear about a lot – I’ve got two sons in college!) aren’t coming close to teaching young adults what it’s like to…

Never Let Your Boss Tell You How Other People Feel About You Without Forcing These 2 Questions…

Dateline: Somewhere in Corporate America. The Scene: A C-Level is telling the HR pro who reports to him what another C-level thinks about her performance (hint—it’s not glowing). The Mistake: The HR Pro in question thinks that since the C-Level reporting the feedback is supportive of her (it’s the other guy with the problem, right?), she doesn’t have to challenge him in this situation.  She…

Advice For New Managers

Good leadership is  essential for any successful company, but it’s not always easy for junior or first-time managers to adapt to their role. Many times, leaders look back on their career and have a whole host of new insights and knowledge they wish they’d known from the beginning.

Competitive Intelligence from An Unusual Source

As corporate еѕрiоnаgе becomes a tаbоо tеrm, the ѕuggеѕtiоn оf competitive intelligence, competitor intelligence, аnd business intelligence is beginning tо find strong ассерtаnсе thrоughоut thе bаttlеfiеldѕ оf thе bоаrdrооmѕ, induѕtriаl complexes, аnd ѕосiаl networking еvеntѕ.

DOL Reinstates Valuable Compliance Tool for Employers

On June 27th the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it has reinstated the issuance of Opinion Letters by its Wage & Hour Division and unveiled a new website to guide employers and employees in requesting an Opinion Letter. The agency also redesigned the website housing its Opinion Letters and other sub-regulatory guidance.