Month: May 2017

Stop the Employee Engagement Survey Madness

Millions of words have been written about employee engagement, and over a billion dollars is spent annually in the US alone on employee engagement surveys and improvement interventions. Yet the needle has essentially not budged in over 15 years.

How Are You Helping Your Transgender Employees? #WorkHuman

Hey, kids! I’m out at the WorkHuman Conference this week! This the third event for WorkHuman and it’s really becoming a world class conference. I mean, let’s be honest, if you have Michelle Obama on your agenda, you’re completely legit! One of the keynotes from yesterday was Chaz Bono. I’ve never gotten a chance to see him speak so I was very interested. I was…

RecruitDC Spring 2017 Recap

As I entered the bar at the Falls Church Marriott the night before #RecruitDC, I could tell it was going to be a great show. A cadre of old friends were there. Pete Radloff greeted me with a big bear hug and I wondered if the empty bottle of Troublemaker wine was a sign of things to come. Click to see See all my RecruitDC pics…

Kicking It Old School

There is an email that occasionally makes the circuit in the HR community.  The content of this email is an amusing excerpt from a 1940’s transportation magazine article entitled Guide to Hiring Women. The point of this forwarded email isn’t about how atrocious the recruiting practices of women were in the 1940’s, but rather to challenge its readers (recruiters, HR professionals) to think about…

Random Job board Headlines

Recruit Holdings (parent of Indeed) reported revenue for the full year of (USD $16.1 BILLION), an increase of 15.8% compared with the same period last year.

The Art of Writing an Inspiring Job Description

How many job descriptions have you read in your life? Go ahead, make an estimate. Many people have read hundreds. How many of these job descriptions did you feel were inspiring? How many helped you understand what is special about the company or the job itself?

Your Next Retreat Could Be A TEDx

I’ve been blindfolded a few times. And I’ve walked a tightrope or two. It’s the standard fare at a certain type of annual company meeting I became accustomed to in my career in corporate environments like IAC, BCG, and GE Capital.

Which Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Should We Use?

I’ve said this a number of times, but it’s the question that never goes away. It’s the single most asked question I get in person, online, through email and messaging. There hasn’t been a week go by in the past two years where I’m not asked in some form this question! I get it! Talent Acquisition is finally moving from awkward teen to young…

Cornerjob gets more money, eyes global market

Cornerjob, the blue-collar app recently named Spain’s fastest-growing start-up, closed a $19-million series C funding round. This took the company’s total investment to $54 million in three rounds, which should take it some way towards its goal of being a global operator.