Month: February 2017

Viral Sourcing

I recently had lunch with the owner of, Scott Warner. He uses creative digital media to take businesses’ social media viral. Wow! Do we need that as sourcers or what? Gigg often collaborates with celebrities like Maroon 5, athletes such as Evander Holyfield, and a host of influencers that create real marketing impact for products and brands. I’m talking viral, like 18.5 million…

How One Growing Company Is Changing Its Culture

Over the past two years, my company, Sterling Talent Solutions, has acquired four companies. As a result, we more than doubled in size. With this kind of growth comes change. We’ve added hundreds of new colleagues, ramped up our technology stack and have rethought our internal processes to ensure customers are getting the best service possible.

SourceCon Introduces – The Wonderful World Of Chrome Extensions – Volume 2

It’s obvious that most recruiters and sourcers have a love affair for sourcing tools. Why wouldn’t we enjoy a shortcut or a little assistance in finding information faster? There has been a high demand for sourcing tools and extensions. Many sourcing tools come and go, yet the market is undoubtedly hot for any extension that enables us to better communicate with candidates.

Hire360 (@Hire360io) – Effortless Outbound Recruiting

This week on T3 I take a look at the recruiting technology Hire360. Hire360 is part CRM, part sourcing technology, it’s basically automated outbound recruiting made pretty easy. Hire360 is designed for your mid-level effort jobs. It’s easy to hire entry level to mid-level jobs. Once you hit your mid-level it starts getting tough, and this is where Hire360 takes over. Hire360 is designed…

Confidence Gets You a Leadership Gig, but Humility Lets You Keep It

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on leadership evaluation and selection.  Specifically, we spent a bunch of time talking about how to make better talent decisions. In addition to looking at times we got it right, we also analyzed a lot of failures—what made Tom unable to perform at the level expected, and why did Sally self-destruct? Two topics that came…