Month: March 2016

6 Tips For the Sourcer-Recruiter

So, you’ve been hired as a sourcer, one of those stealthy (in a good way!) covert agents who combs through the all-encompassing, open web to locate resumes and phone numbers for candidates who may be completely unaware that their information is out there. You employ keywords, complex strings and niche sources to pinpoint your targets. When done well, you find the next great hire.

Reruns – Top Candidate Lies!

It’s Spring Break in Michigan, so I’m going to step away from the daily grind and throw some Reruns at you! You guys remember Rerun, from What’s Happening? (look it up, kids!) So, enjoy the Reruns, they’re some of my favorites! Originally ran July 2013 –  Every Monday morning I have a meeting with my recruiting team – it’s a great way to kick…

The Employment Branding Arms Race!

Here’s why HR and Talent Acquisition is NOT like Marketing. This is marketing – Nike, Addidas, Under Armour, etc. all fight for market share.  Nike signs Lebron, KD and Kobi. Under Armour signs Steph Curry. Addidas gets D Rose and Wiggins. All of the shoe companies are trying to sign the top sports talent to shoe deals, so you’ll go out and drop $200…

Addicted to Queso and Other Leadership Predicaments

I broke my left arm two weeks ago.  First broken bone, first ambulance ride, first ER visit.  All in tiny Columbus, Texas….which means I was terribly lucky they even had an ambulance, much less an ER. Why was I in Columbus?  It’s halfway between Austin and Houston and I was making a pit-stop.  And part of that stop involved queso. It was pouring rain, but…

Should You Post Sexy Photos To LinkedIn?

Once upon a time, there was nothing unsexier than LinkedIn. From its drab, all-business design to its content providers' rote listings of their purported qualifications, the LinkedIn environment was the digital equivalent of the worst networking event …

Who comes first, my boss or my company?

LinkedIn is not a collaboration system, where company and user data is protected. LinkedIn is a public sewer of personal information and misinformation, in addition to being a potentially useful database about people. (Yes, I think it’s both. LinkedIn needs to clean up its act.)

10 Well Paid Freelance Jobs

Have you ever felt the urge to quit your 9-5 grind and work for yourself?  Freelance jobs are on the rise. So we set about to bring you 10 of the most well paid freelance gigs you can do. Let’s take a look.

One More Night In Hollywood.

My freshman year of college, I lived in a high-rise dorm in the middle of the hood. I loved every minute of it. My favorite part, however, was the fact I could see the Hollywood sign from the window of the shared bathroom. Every morning I looked out and thought to myself how awesome it […]

How To Draft Candidates Like A NFL Scout

Remember the Super Bowl? That was two months ago, but it was more memorable than some. It had a couple of intriguing stories: 1) the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl and, 2) the comeback story of Payton Manning and the emergence of Cam Newton.


This week on T3 I take a look at the recruiting platform, Recruitee.  Recruitee is an all in one ATS, recruitment automation, career site builder, and employment branding platform for the SMB market, with a very intuitive interface that follows about 99% of every recruitment pipeline out there. Recruitee allows you to build your own career site, easily, and it doesn’t look like something…

Employee Engagement and 6-Second Abs

We (my family – not sure if I was part of the discussion) have been trying to get back (back?) in shape. So we started making the changes necessary to ensure we all end up on Family America Ninja Warrior. I mean we’re doing it all. We’ve read all the books. We set the environment up just perfectly to be in the best physical shape…

The Truth About Bad Bosses

One of the main reasons people quit their jobs is because of bad managers, but leadership doesn’t always necessarily realize that’s the case. LaSalle Network conducted a survey on bad bosses, and 87 percent of respondents said they have had a bad boss…yet 55 percent stated they didn’t share this with the company’s leadership.