Month: November 2014

4 Fearless Job Hunting Tips for Thanksgiving

If America’s employment system worked, every resume would get you an interview, which would produce a job offer & job. But we all know that doesn’t happen. The key to success is knowing how to deal with the handful of daunting obstacles that stop other job hunters dead in their tracks. (And how about a 20% discount code to go along with 4 tips?)

Top 5 reasons veteran hiring FAIL

We all know the value of a positive outlook. So why focus on failure? Why not jump right into what success looks like? The reality is that in many cases we don’t spend enough time analyzing our failures. Examining failure is not negative; it is constructive.

New Zealand butchers commute thousands of miles

About 30 New Zealand butchers each year commute nearly 14,000 miles to Iceland for two months of work during lamb-processing season. Meat companies that operate in Iceland say they rely on New Zealanders because they struggle to hire and train local workers.

5 Steps to Ensure Your Airline€™’s Background Screening Program Survives Its Next Audit

Commercial, fractional jet and freight airlines impact the lives of millions of people every day. Due to the sensitive nature of the facilities airline employees and third party contractors that support them work in every day, they must undergo a thorough and accurate employment background check. Letting the wrong person into any restricted facility or area can be disastrous; consider the recent case of…