Month: August 2014

Flaw in Employment Background Check Law is Hurting Candidates

Having been involved in the employment background screening industry for over twenty years one could say I have seen it all. I have seen class action lawsuits, congressional hearings, state hearings, and pundits slamming an industry they really don’t understand. Often critics don’t realize that there’s a loophole in the federal law (the Fair Credit Reporting Act) that was designed to help consumers but…

5 Cheap Tools for Mobile Friendly DIY Career Sites

In case you haven’t noticed yet, job seekers are going mobile. More and more of them are surfing your company career site from their mobile phones and looking at it with a tiny 4 or 5 inch screen. For some companies up to 30% of their web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Which means you need to optimize it for their viewing pleasure….

Job boards in the news

Some job boards and new tech in the news for the job search market. 1., one of the nations first physician job boards and mobile app innovators,

Resume Blasphemy

Job seekers and employers have it backwards. They start with the resume when they should start with a conversation about what the manager needs a new hire to do. So, commit resume blasphemy.

Top 15 Twitter Accounts Your HR Team Should Be Following

With HR communities abuzz on social media, finding expert advice is easier than ever for anyone who needs help or advice. With just a Twitter account and a few key hashtags, you can find resources related to talent acquisition, employee conflict resolution, employee screening, and more. To help you navigate the sometimes-overwhelming world of Twitter, GoodHire has a list of top HR-related accounts you…

Judge Tosses Texas Lawsuit Against EEOC on Criminal Background Checks

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the state of Texas cannot challenge the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) guidance on criminal background checks because the state is not presently at risk of being penalized for refusing to adopt the policy. You might recall that this suit was filed last November by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a legal action which challenged the…