Month: April 2014

The Best Cities For Jobs 2014

Employment growth has shifted to a new group of metropolitan areas that have benefited from the boom on Wall Street and the parallel IPO surge in Silicon Valley — call them the asset inflation cities.

What Marriage Can Teach Us About Commitment in the Workplace

When a new employee joins your team, he or she is committing to your company. As the hiring manager, you must reciprocate that commitment. If this relationship is handled carelessly, your new hires may become a part of the 46% of new hires that fail within 18 months of joining the company.So what’s the solution? Set clear expectations with employees through open communication. By…

Low-Wage Jobs Dominate Employment Recovery

The median household income of Americans has not increased in a decade, when adjusted for what has been modest inflation. The poverty level has not fluctuated either, stuck around 16 percent. Those figures could get worse soon.

When to Re-Apply For a Job

Many of us have been unemployed long-term. Trolling the internet job boards for work just seems hopeless.  One of the most perplexing things about it is the confusion it causes when we see some job opportunities re-posted just weeks, and often months after receiving a rejection letter from that very same employer. We wrack our brains wondering why they haven’t hired someone yet. We…