Month: March 2014

The Art of Asking Questions During an Interview

Interviewing for a new job can often feel more like standing in front of a firing squad: a nerve-shredding situation where you feel little control and little to no chance of navigating successfully. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s one key factor to nailing job interviews, and that involves preparing thoughtful, probing questions to ask in return. And there’s plenty of…

Be open to saying YES but unafraid to say NO

Leadership and communication start with saying “yes” — to opportunities and people, Dan Rockwell writes. But never saying “no” leads to confusion and exhaustion. He offers 10 ways to say “no” so you can avoid being “pushed around by people and opportunities.”

Upcoming jobs report to show if economy is ready to rock

The U.S. employment report for March is expected to show a bigger pop after mediocre gains in the prior three months. A larger increase would soothe investors and uphold the widely held belief that harsh weather is the cause of slower hiring. Yet another subpar month of job creation would sow fresh anxiety that the pace of economic growth has slowed again.

Bad Hires – Is The Interviewer To Blame?

Turnover is a part of every business; unless you work at Google…Google rocks. If you’re not attracting rockstar applicants with 80k internships, economic relief through free employee housing, or a coveted stress-free daily commute….Think back to your last unsuccessful hire. Ask yourself, “What was my role in the hiring process and what could I have done differently to change the results?”