Month: February 2014

Is Dress Your Best Always the Case for Interviews?

When I first graduated from school and was going on interviews, I got plenty of advice from numerous sources about the way I should dress. My academic advisor told me to wear a nice suit. The Internet told me I should wear something that shows potential employers my personality. My mother told me that I should dress for the job I want. The way…

7 Tips for Hiring Top Performing Gen Y Women

€œGen Y is the first generation of young people who expect their careers to align with their ability to achieve impact in the world,” said Tiffany Dufu, Chief Leadership Officer at Levo League. If you feel like it is hard to articulate how you will help Gen Y-ers achieve this goal at your company.

Yay! Two New Acquisitions Monster Can Screw-Up

Monster bought 2 companies this week. And when I say bought, I mean something akin to finding enough loose change in the couch to buy a pizza and some breadsticks. As ERE’s John Zappe revealed about the deal, “it isn’t large enough to trigger a disclosure filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.” The financial terms of the deals were not disclosed. The lucky…