Month: November 2013

Facts and fables about candidate application behaviour

Recruitment data interest us. With almost 2,500 companies using our recruitment software we are able to determine some interesting trends. Data only adds value when you’€™re able to convert this into meaningful information, which you can give back to the recruitment community so they can make the best hiring decision possible.

The Judges Interview with Rob Jones | #IHRA2013

With less than a few weeks to go until the 2013 In-House Recruitment Awards, several of the awards judges agreed to share their opinions on the new trends and challenges facing in-house recruiters. The third of the judges to share their thoughts is Rob Jones Head of Organisational Effectiveness at Crossrail.

Five Interesting Ways to Ace a Skype Interview

A Skype job interview poses an interesting dynamic. While it offers an opportunity to see your prospective employer face to face and look them in the eye (something you should practice doing on camera), you’re not able to shake their hand. Achieving a personal connection and making a good impression is key to acing your interview though, and it can be done even during…