Month: September 2013

Why it pays to treat your workers like human beings

Companies should aim to humanize business operations by giving employees space to act like real, authentic people and to make decisions for themselves, writes Jamie Notter. How to achieve that differs for every company, but actions will always trump words. “Enron had nice statements in their lobby about things like integrity and honesty, but that wasn’t really valued, now was it” Notter writes.

Unemployment rate is over 20% for poorest U.S. households

The unemployment rate for families earning less than $20,000 is more than 21% but only 3.2% for households earning more than $150,000 a year, according to an analysis of federal data. When factoring in the underemployed or those who have stopped search for work, the “underutilized” rate for households earning less than $20,000 is about 40%.

Exercise Healthy Recruiting Every Day of the Week [Infographic]

Focus on one staffing metric per day to get started with business intelligence. In order to become more involved and engaged with your data, it’s important to schedule time for analysis into your daily routine. Use the metrics calendar below to track critical metrics throughout the workweek to improve your data quality and ultimately build a healthier (and stronger) business.

HourlyNerd raises $750k VC funds

HourlyNerd, the hire-a-consultant startup of Harvard Business School students, has just secured $750,000 in seed money, with $450,000 of it from Mark Cuban, venture capitalist and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Talking down to your workers? Stop

Too many bosses treat employees in condescending or patronizing ways, writes Dan McCarthy. Avoiding certain phrases or ideas can help you to stop seeming so pompous, but it’s important to remember that you’ll always come across badly if you secretly believe you’re better than your workers. “A simple phase like ‘How are you doing today’ can come across as condescending if truly someone feels…

Here’s why your career site sucks

Job seekers get most frustrated during the online application process when they don’t receive a response from the employer, when it takes too much time to apply and when they don’t have access to compensation data, Rick Moore writes. Easy fixes for these problems include setting up an auto-response function and cutting down on the amount of information you require from job seekers.

HR/Recruiting Conferences for remainder of 2013

Our recruiting news app has a great list of the years major HR and recruiting conferences but we thought we’d put together a list of the remaining ones you should consider attending in 2013. if you haven’t spent time at one yet this year, now’s your chance to network! Note: these are North American only. September 9/13 TalentNet Live in Dallas – Use code…