Month: August 2013

The 3-Percent Solution

Recent surveys report that U.S. employer base pay, while on the upswing, is still slowed by weak economic growth. But employers are shifting focus to bonuses, more frequent pay adjustments, variable pay and increased differentiation based on performance.

Big Jobs in Big Data

As more and more amounts of data are being gathered and created everyday making sense of it all is becoming a challenge. Lucky for us there is a big boom in hiring big data professionals.

How to interview your next hire

I recently spoke to a close friend and founder who was considering shutting down her start-up after working on it for about two years and raising over $1 million in seed funding. When I asked her w…

Checkout the Employee Perks at Dropbox

In this episode of Secret Valley, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance looks at Dropbox, a cloud services company that is among the latest technology companies to choose downtown San Francisco over an office space in Silicon Valley. Cooler than Google? You be the judge, but be wary that Dropbox has a dinosaur that’s listening to your answer. [responsive_vid]

Video Recruiting Going 3D?

Skype says it has developed technology that could enable workers to create 3D “body doubles” of themselves to attend video meetings. The technology might not be brought to market for many years because consumer devices aren’t sophisticated enough yet to support it, said Mark Gillett, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Skype.

How to Conduct a Thorough Employee Relations Investigation

Workplace investigations should be carried out by someone who is well-trained and impartial, and there should be guidelines in place for documenting and communicating findings and protecting confidentiality, June Jeong writes. “All questions should be non-suggestive, open ended and probing,” Jeong writes.