Month: June 2013

Five Ways to Connect Via Twitter

At The Arland Group, we think and talk a lot about how social media can help companies engage with people, generate interest in their business and inspire fandom. We generally focus on using social media to bring meaning and engagement to a business, but the connectivity of social media benefits individuals, too.

Has LinkedIn jumped the shark?

LinkedIn’s value started with the profile you created for yourself, but then even more importantly, the Experience (your resume) and Recommendations (reviews from other professionals) sections. It was basically your resume and references up on the web. When meeting someone new (for example at a business conference) it wasn’t unheard of to look that person up later to learn more about their history.

Wendy’s Employee Loves Him Some Frosty

A Wendy’s employee decided that he didn’t want to waste the time and resources to pour himself a vanilla frosty. Not when he could drink it straight from the tap. The suits at Wendy’s think that this dude sucked the cream out of the hose sometime in May and, like a moron, had someone take his picture. Surely they addressed not putting your mouth…

What the border control and your application process have in common.

I spend a lot of time in airports and I think there is a lot of similarity between recruiting and border control. The purpose is to keep out undesirables and follow a defined process. Many recruiters, like many airports, let process and regulation take preference over experience. The process applied is built with the regulation in mind, rather than applying simple logic that achieves…

Social Recruiting Trends and Strategies

We shop online, date online, meet up with friends online, and find work online. That is not going to change, probably ever. So taking steps to include social where it makes sense in the recruiting function is necessary for success. Just about every successful recruiter is using social media in some way or another, so ignore it at your own risk.

Think Twice Before Giving Managers a Pay Raise

Employee morale can sometimes be directly related to how much an employee is paid in comparison to someone else. And while most employees will understand the pay hierarchy in a company or business, it places a burden on a manager when he or she decides to take a raise. How should a manager of a company tackle this so it doesn’t harbor ill feelings…