Workday Podcast: How JOANN Helped Address PPE Shortage

Just as companies stepped up during World War II to assist the war effort, businesses today are using their resources to help fight the spread of COVID-19, producing products ranging from hand sanitizer to respiratory care equipment. JOANN, a fabric and craft retailer operating in 49 states, recently gained attention for supporting the creation of personal protective equipment during the pandemic. 

In this episode of the Workday Podcast, Janet Duliga, chief administrative officer at JOANN, chats about how the company provided the fabrics people needed to stay safe when face masks were in high demand.

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Below are a few topics we touched on during our conversation. You can find our other Workday Podcasts here

How JOANN Stores shifted its business model to help meet the demand for do-it-yourself personal protective equipment when CEO Wade Miquelon realized there was going to be a shortage during the pandemic.

How the company has kept 95% of stores open by taking the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the rules in each state, into consideration to keep customers and employees safe.

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