Workday Podcast: Driving Innovation in Healthcare IT

Workday Podcast: Driving Innovation in Healthcare IT
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While we know change is the only constant in our daily lives, the massive changes of 2020 have rocked even the most resilient among us. All industries have had to adapt to the unforeseen and often challenging circumstances of this year, and the healthcare industry is no exception. 

Over the course of 2020, we’ve witnessed the acceleration of previous trends in the healthcare industry. For example, healthcare organizations have continued to move away from traditional, rigid systems to more nimble, accessible systems in an effort to improve business continuity and create opportunities to better support patient care. 

On this episode of the Workday Podcast, we hear from two technology leaders: Sarah Richardson, vice president of IT change leadership at Optum, and Joe Wilson, chief technology officer for North America at Workday. They discuss how healthcare IT is evolving, the importance of alignment across business functions when approaching innovation efforts, and how human connection and strong communication is key when approaching transformation efforts, now and in the future. Below you’ll find excerpts from the conversation, edited for clarity. You can find more episodes of the Workday Podcast here.

“At Optum, we’re constantly acquiring medical groups or technologies and innovations that

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