Workday Podcast: COVID-19 and Retail—Finding the Way Forward

The retail landscape is unlikely to look anything like “normal” in the near future. As the situation continues to evolve, retailers are working overtime to sustainably meet the needs of their customers. 

On this episode of the Workday Podcast, Jill Standish, senior managing director of Accenture’s global retail consulting practice, joined me to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on retail and how it could look moving forward. 

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Below you’ll find a few highlights of our conversation, edited for clarity. You can find our other Workday podcasts here

“With the digital transformation that’s going on with these larger companies, some of them are saying, ‘We thought we had a couple of years to figure this out. We now have months.’ And a lot of retailers wish they had a more agile supply chain and digital footprint so they could serve the consumer better during this time.” 

“Be really fast with your decision making, use as much information as you can to make those decisions, and leverage tools and capabilities that you’ve never had before, so you’re not going it alone.” 

“Three things will start to be very important: What

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