Winning the Tech Talent War in 2020

Winning the Tech Talent War in 2020

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With all the options available to today’s highly-skilled talent, why should they choose your technology company? What makes you special? And how long will they stay? 

These are the questions that keep company leaders up at night. And they center around a strangely aggressive term—the “talent war.” Though you’re not lining up on a field with shields and swords, poised to yell Braveheart-style and charge toward your rival, it may feel like it sometimes. 

Tech companies are on the frontlines when it comes to competing for talent. Like many industries, there are a plethora of options for job seekers and many businesses are vying for the same talent. So how can tech companies—and more specifically, your company—stand out? 

Flexible Work Arrangements

According to research from LinkedIn, the technology industry has the highest rate of turnover among all industries. Demand is high and companies must pay competitively to lure the best employees into the fold—and technology jobs rank among the highest paid

The gig economy and distributed workforce are central to the talent war as well. Why go full-time if you can take on multiple part-time gigs and retain flexibility? Distributed workforces are common, so tech companies that offer that option

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