Why Recruitment Should Have a Seat at the Table Now

For years, the human resource profession has been advocating for a larger role, one that allows for influencing organizational strategy and decision-making. Today, this so-called “seat at the table” is a reality at many companies.

Yet, even as HR has become more influential, the recruitment function has remained largely in the back office.

Sure, recruitment has been renamed talent acquisition (TA), and a number of professionals have extensive management responsibility. But a seat at the table? Not usually.

It’s partly the nature of the work. Recruiting tends to be viewed as process oriented. Job orders lead to job postings, which lead to screening and hiring. Supply and demand are factors, and may influence process slightly, but, in general, process drives results.

Or at least it has, until now.

Post-pandemic recruiting

In the current environment, talent acquisition can no longer follow a predictable path. Because TA leaders and recruitment professionals have numerous unknowns with which to grapple, the tried may no longer ring true.

At this point, there hasn’t even been time to answer these questions, or absorb the lessons experience has to offer.

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