Why ATS Falls In Love With A Resume Parser?

Why ATS Falls In Love With A Resume Parser?

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We all know how recruitment will be evolving in the future. An ATS simplifies the recruitment process by reducing the time on shortlisting of candidates.

Tech-savvy always have a question while using ATS like:

Does their ATS have advanced functionality?  Does it have an advanced approach?  Is it able to deliver the desired results? 

However, working with such advanced technology like ATS in the recruitment process still needs a few improvements.

Screening of resumes manually is a hard task to perform and creates room for errors. Manual screening of candidates may need countless minutes, which consumes a lot of time. Lengthy applications make candidates leave the website. A system should be in place to keep the applications short.


The solution to meet these challenges is recruitment analytics solutions. The new changes in technology are changing the traditional working of HR. Technology is filling the gaps in the recruiting process with its intelligent solutions.

ATS needs to club itself with the latest technology to provide better results. In fact, ATS and recruitment analytics solutions share a beautiful relationship; this is where technology surprises me and makes me curious to share my point of view on this concept with you.


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