Who Said the ATS Is Dead?

Who Said the ATS Is Dead?

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How many times in recent years have we heard the phrase: The ATS is dead? “Applicant Tracking Systems are systems of the past” is something that I have read on too many blog articles and presentations by emerging recruiting systems and even analysts. And yet, the ATS market keeps growing at a staggering 8% a year and is expected to reach 2.34 billion by 2026. All major companies have one, or are spending millions replacing and implementing one. The reason why is simple: The need to track applicants is not going anywhere.

State of the Nation: Addressing the Current ATS Market

To understand why this claim is being made, it’s important to analyze the current market landscape of recruiting systems. On the one hand, you have the legacy ATS vendors, those that inaugurated the category and are struggling to survive by purchasing other companies or even sunsetting their legacy systems and promising their customers with a new platform panacea that has no clear horizon.

And on the other hand, you have a new wave of vendors that are the sons and daughters of the era of social media – and most importantly of venture capital. They have reduced the talent

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