Who is Jobs2Careers and Why Should I Care?

Who is Jobs2Careers and Why Should I Care?

Recently, Jobs2Careers sponsored a Hire Daily webinar (and Joel Cheesman’s first solo broadcast – Bravo!). The webinar covered SEO optimization techniques for improving your job posting’s rank on job search engines. During the webinar, we introduced ourselves as the fastest growing site for talent with 10+ million monthly unique job seekers and 40+ million monthly job searches.

This may have left you wondering: but exactly, who is Jobs2Careers and why should I care?
Allow us to introduce ourselves further.

Launched in 2010, we recently joined the job search industry and are already changing the game. With over 87 years of combined experience with team members from all the “heavy hitters,” we know a thing or two about job search and how to make it easier for you to fill positions.

Our mission is to “innovate the way employers effectively find talent” and our story of innovation goes a little something like this. As we mentioned, we may be the new kids on the block, but we’re definitely raising the bar.

Here’s how:

  • Pay-per-Apply Click: Sure, we’ve all heard of Pay-per-Click (heck, we specialize in it), but why waste money on a click if a job seeker isn’t interested? What if you only paid once the applicant read the full job description, is highly-interested in the position and, therefore, is more qualified to click? Well, now you can with Job Preview.
  • Pay-per-Application: What if you could name a (realistic) Cost-per-Apply, post your jobs and a robot would push them in and out of different tools to automatically optimize your campaign, reaching the precise candidates you want while simultaneously achieving said goal CPA? We have that robot.* It’s called the “Jobs2Careers Optimizator.”

And these are only two tools in our kit. We have an entire suite of Candidate Targeting Tools available to all of our clients; we use these tools to strategize custom solutions that achieve individualized recruiting goals.

But do you have the traffic I need?
So glad you asked.

Here are some of our stats:

  • 10+ million monthly unique job seekers
  • 40+ million monthly job searches
  • 100+ million monthly job alerts
  • Over 650,000 applications delivered per month
  • 87% YOY growth (with a 500% growth rate from December 2012-December 2013)
  • 14 million registered users and growing

But please, don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say. (And make sure to have your volume turned up, so you can hear our – insanely catchy – jingle!)

The bottom line is this:
Jobs2Careers has the tools you need to save money and make your life easier. We have the expertise and drive to continue improving them. We have the traffic you want to find the applicants you need. We focus on targeting and qualifying candidates for you so this traffic actually means something. We help you fill positions – quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Ready to get to work?
Let us know – We’re ready and waiting. Email us at sales@jobs2careers.com.

Want to know more about our CPA system and the Jobs2Careers Optimizator? Email us at sales@jobs2careers.com to become an early adopter. With limited spots available, we’re searching for companies that will thrive on our innovation.

Questions? Comments? Tweet us or email us at sales@jobs2careers.com.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.