Where Do Job Boards Get Candidates?

Where Do Job Boards Get Candidates?

When asked, most recruiters tend to believe that the majority of candidates start their job search by searching for jobs on a job board and then apply to those jobs.

In reality, candidates have a more interesting journey. Data suggests that nearly 60% of applications for candidates start not at a job board but in a person’s email. Job alerts. Job sites and other sourcing tools match people’s work experience with open positions and email opportunities to them. But those job alerts aren’t necessarily coming from the companies you are paying for job postings.

A Candidate’s Journey

Every day, millions of people in the US get multiple job alerts in their email. And then one day, a job actually catches their eye. They aren’t actively looking but they are intrigued. They click on the link (often on their mobile device) and read about the job. After this, many people go to the company’s website and read about the company. Then they visit Glassdoor before going back to the application itself. If your application site isn’t mobile-friendly and they began their journey on their mobile device, they may navigate to your website on a desktop. Your ATS or CRM will

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