What Makes Your Job Board Sellable?

What Makes Your Job Board Sellable?

If you have been thinking about selling your job board there are probably people who would want to buy it right now. A number of people have been contacting me lately to see if I know of any on the market.

I have helped a number of job sites to find a buyer in the past few years. For smaller sites, buyers typically look for sites with established traffic ( at least a few thousand monthly uniques) , followers on social media (1000+), and registered users (1000+).

Your site is even more attractive if you have an aged domain, backlinks and any sort of established SEO.

For bigger sites you’ll need to have some form of monthly profit to attract a buyer. Or you could try to sell off the digital assets (domain, user info, social channels) for the right price. A new buyer might be willing to restart the site with that data.

As I cruised the interwebs lately I have seen examples of job boards in dire need of a new direction. These sites seem out of date or worse, abandoned, so the owner should just sell off their assets and let someone with the drive to

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