What is Talent Management?

Talent management has never been more important as a strategic pillar for Human Capital Management than in 2020.

From talent analyst all-star Josh Bersin, to Avature’s own CEO Dimitri Boylan, ask any executive or HCM thought leader about the impact of effective talent management in these trying times, and you will have a tough time finding one who doesn’t recognize its ability to foster sustained success. And yet, ask those same individuals to define the term – from the elements, to the stages, to the best practices – and it’s highly unlikely that you will find any two answers the same. Like many topics that have occupied the hearts and minds of HCM practicioners over the last 30 years, not only has talent management has seen its fair share of complex iterations and evolutions, but each organization tends to implement their own unique version – one heavily influenced by culture, industry and organizational history.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the talent management basics, as well as how Avature’s approach to talent management is poised to help organizations meet the demands of a rapidly evolving labor force.

Let’s dive in.

The Talent Management Basics


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