VC Firm Launches Its Own Job Board

VC Firm Launches Its Own Job Board
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Hack VC, an early-stage venture capital firm, has launched With an initial focus on software engineers, aims to match job seekers with fast growing venture-backed startups.

I think a job board is an excellent use case for a VC firm that has invested in 175 startups. It makes sense to help their startups find talent and the single application process will certainly be appreciated by candidates.

According to the press release;

The platform is built to help job seekers access opportunities for work at no cost, without having to fill out hundreds of applications. The process is simple and direct, enabling users to fill out one application that can be shared with startups looking to hire.

“With, we aim to address this market inefficiency. High-quality developers are valuable and should have an easier time finding their dream job at a startup, rather than endlessly filling-out redundant job applications. With, a single job application provides access to a multitude of venture-backed startups, letting employers instead chase candidates. We don’t charge the employer nor the employee – we see this as an experiment in social entrepreneurship.”

Ed Roman, Hack VC

A single application to connect engineers with jobs,

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