Using Unique Job Ads to Hire Employees

Using Unique Job Ads to Hire Employees

Picture this: you’re excited because you have the funds and the need to fill another position in your business. Now comes the challenging part… filling the position with a qualified candidate that works well with you and your team! This is where unique job ads can help.


Sounds like a pretty big ask, and it is. Many employers find that they want to do more than post a job online or ask their network for suggestions. 


Unique job ad ideas help you think outside the box on how to get the word out about your listing. Thinking outside of the standard ads can also help your business as a whole stand out from the crowd, attracting innovative and interesting thinkers. 


Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn how to hire employees with creative & unique job ads.


Unique Job Ads Start with the Fundamentals


Want to get creative with your job posting? First start with the basics


Before we jump into the “fun” stuff, let’s talk fundamentals. 


You want to make sure you have your bases covered before starting on the creative stuff. This means setting up a career page for

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